About Us

Who are we?

Bilge Denizcilik was established by Mehmet Ali BİLGE in 1982. There are experienced staff and a team who keep up with the each day developing technology and do not compromise on quality in the background of services that we have been providing to our estimeed customers today since 1982. We care about the services that we provide for you. Because, we look at the issue from your perspective. There is not market or repairer in the middle of sea. For that reason, we adopt complete and quality services as well as proper prices and satisfaction as principles.

Bilge Denizcilik can bring same quality service to all ports of Turkey with efficient and effective employee service network.

Our company’s services include:Plastic Inflation- Float- Production of marine equipment- We are making inflation pressure works from 5 gr to 6 kg – We have wholesale and service for piscary and hunting tools.